mardi 5 avril 2016

Annxe 32 : Demography of homo sapiens

Date of Fossil
years ago)

East Africa:
  Herto, Middle Awash 160,000-154,000  
  Omo 1 195,000
  Laetoli 120,000
South Africa:
  Border Cave 115,000-90,000
  Klasies River Mouth 90,000
  Skhul and Qafzeh 92,000-90,000
  Lake Mungo 60,000-46,000
  Annamite Mountains (Laos) 63,000
  Ordos (Mongolia) 40,000-20,000 ?
  Liujiang (China) 139,000-111,000 ?
  Zhirendong (China) 100,000 ?
  Zhoukoudian upper cave
  Peştera cu Oase (Romania)   36,000-34,000
  Combe Capelle (France) 35,000-30,000
  Mladeč and Předmostí
     (Czech Republic)
  Cro-Magnon (France) 27,000-23,000

Note: Artifactual evidence indicates that modern humans were in Europe by at least 40,000 and possibly as
early as 46,000 years ago.  Dating of the earliest modern human fossils in Asia is less secure, but it is likely
that they were present there by at least 60,000 years ago and possibly 100,000 years ago.

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